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My Life on the Suing-the-Shit-Out-of-You List

kathy-griffin-emmy.jpgEmmy-winner Kathy Griffin has … wait a minute? Emmy winner? Seriously people, when are we going to recognize how ridiculously worthless all these Hollywood awards are? I mean, as proven by last weekend’s lowest-rated-ever Emmy broadcast, they don’t even give us entertaining shows. And they certainly don’t get the award part of it right. “The Wire” … not an Emmy winner. Kathy Griffin … she’s got gold. More than one, in fact.


Anyway, Griffin has filed a lawsuit against KathyGriffin.com because it’s, you know, her name and all:

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Sept. 16, the comedian, who just won another Emmy for her reality show, “My Life on the D-List,” was contacted in July by the owners offering the site for sale for $3,500.
Since then, Griffin claim the site is composed entirely of commercial content and is operated through a portal that generates revenue through click-through advertisements.
The site, registered to Ttrafficz.com, featured the words “Kathy Griffin standup comedian” and “My Life on the D-List.”

The lawsuit asks for statutory damages of at least $100K, although she has no idea who the defendants actually are, since they registered the site using privacy protection. But the lawsuit’s already managed to get the site to shut itself down, as it now simply says: “Are you looking for Kathy’s official website? It’s located at kathygriffen.net.”

And even with just that one line, it’s probably funnier than her actual site.