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RIP John Mortimer: 1923 - 2009

17mortimer550.jpgJohn Mortimer has just died. He was 85. And despite my legal training, I had no idea who he was until PaddyDog suggested we run an obit on him. Per PaddyDog:

A barrister who abandoned the safe side of the law to defend free speech and unpopular civil rights causes in Britain (he defended the Sex Pistols on obscenity charges, thereby allowing Never Mind the Bollocks to be released) who went on to create Rumpole of The Bailey, one of the finest fictional lawyers ever (and I suspect the inspiration for many to go in to law). Even in his eighties, he created a special Rumpole story to protest Britain’s new anti-terror laws that he felt went way too far. He will be missed.


Oh, and his daughter is the actress Emily Mortimer. Who knew?

Rest in peace.

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Aw, Dustin! Thank you so much. I needed a public place to mourn.

I had no idea Emily Mortimer was his kid! That's beyond cool.