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Do it for Dawkins

Seth is still to goddamn busy to post (settlement conference today, I believe), so I’m gonna do the nice thing and post this good-luck, inspirational video in his stead, ahead of this weekend’s Eagles vs. Cardinals (really?) game. He’d do the same for me (that’s absolutely not true).

(H/T Galley Slaves)

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I don't get why you take it so seriously. It's still rugby, but for gay-ass Statians who have to wear armor because they can't take a tackle like a real man.

Wooo! Go Cards!! Fuck the Eagles. Also: Mr. dick-ass rugby player, have you ever been hit in football pads? it ain't exactly a pillow fight out there. Besides, I've never seen a hit with a closing speed of 30 mph in rugby.

Well my Ravens were bumped out...ha but so did the Eagles!!! Seriously I don't get that city's insane pride in Rocky. You don't see a statue of Marlo in Baltimore...although that would be fucking awesome...

I spent the last minute of the game under a table (no joke) because I was certain that the apocalypse was at hand. I'm still waiting for the fire and brimstone to rain down upon us.

@ the_wakeful

Just Youtube "Brian Lima and Derek Hougaard", "Matt Rogers and Josh Lewsey", "Sebastian Chabal and Chris Masoe" or just Jerry Collins big hits"... now those are hits...