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QuizLaw’s Mother of the Week Award Goes to:

18210872_240X180.jpg… Sherri A. Feuston, who discovered a better way than washing his mouth out with soap to punish her child for swearing. She drew on his head. With crayon.

A Delaware County woman was arrested after her 9-year-old son told police she held him down and used a crayon to scratch a derogatory word onto his forehead before sending him to school.
Selma Elementary School officials called police on Tuesday when the fourth-grader showed up with the word “b**ch” written on his forehead, 6News’ Rick Hightower reported.
“When little kids at school came up asking him what happened to his forehead he became embarrassed and cried,” said Delaware County investigator Nancy Marvin. “That made his face red. It stood out even more, which made it worse.”
The boy’s mother — Sherri A. Feuston, 30 — when questioned about the incident, told police she was just playing around with her son. She said she sat on the boy’s chest and wrote the word as they were roughhousing.

The prize for winning this week’s Award: All three of your children will be taken away from you and place in the care of family members. Congratulations, Sherri. You’re a true inspiration.

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Hey, at least she's not gay...

Amen, empirecookie! (I think "at least s/he's not gay" is going to be my go-to response from now on!)