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Public Safety Continues…

library-books.jpgEarlier, we helped rid the streets of those little bitch girls who had the audacity to sell some fruit. Now, we’re throwing women in jail for having library books overdue for two months! Two whole months.

I mean, lookit. A day, a week, sure — I get that. We all got shit to do sometimes. Maybe forget to turn the book in on time, maybe fell behind and need a little extra time to read it. But two months. I mean, do you have any idea how many people came in looking for copies of “White Oleander” and “Angels & Demons” during that time, only to find that they were still motherfucking checked out? Well, QuizLaw has it on authority that it was like three people. Them Grafton, Wisconsin folks is some readers!

…The real tragedy of this story, by the way, is that the arrestee, Heidi Dalibor, had to pay fines of $180 but, as a result, got to keep the two books. Now I haven’t read “Angels & Demons,” but I did read Dan Brown’s sequel, “The Da Vinci Code,” and if the writing is even a third as terrible in “Angels” as it is in “Da Vinci,” than Dalibor’s real punishment is that she now owns that book. Perhaps a bon fire is in order?

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While I agree that law enforcement has no business concerning itself with overdue library books one way or the other, the record should reflect that she was arrested for failure to appear, not for the underlying "overdue books" infraction.

Contempt is contempt. Throw the, um, book at her.

Dan Brown is the absolute worst writer of the English language. She should have been sent to Gitmo.

If she read anything by Dan Brown, she's suffered enough. She probably forgot to return them because she blocked the whole horrifying experience out of her memory.