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Illegal produce sales will not be tolerated! Not now, not ever!

produce-stand.jpgYou hear me — no illegal produce. So just go back to slinging drugs or selling your bodies, you coke whore bitches. Because Clayton, Georgia is a wholesome family kind of place!

Whazzat? The illegal fruit stand was being run by two little girls?

…I don’t care — fuck ‘em! Illegal is illegal. I am the Mayor, god damn it, and this little 11-year-old and her bitch of a 3-year-old sister were violating a zoning ordinance — a zoning ordinance, people — and risking the public safety. The. mother fucking. public. safety!

Think of the people and their safety!

Yeah, sure, all the cute little sisters were doing was selling some “zucchini, melons, tomatoes, radishes” for a few hours on a Saturday morning. But they were also selling trouble, with a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” that stands for “put those whores in jail!”

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Thank god someone is standing up to these thugs! Next, they need to crack down on lemonade stands!

Give those girls some coronets, they'll be straightened out.

It's Clayton, California. Come on, give us a breather after the Bigfoot hoax!

Holy hell! Inspired posting.

Like Jay said, it's California - like Gerogia has things like zoning laws! As if!