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Prove a Point Somewhere Else, Assholes

santa_ana_zoos_capuchin_monkeys.jpgHey! Guess what!

People are morans!

When you go to the zoo, you expect to see monkeys, ducks in a pond. You don’t usually expect to see visitors with handguns.
But you would have, had you visited Zoo Boise Saturday morning.
About 10 members of the local chapter of OpenCarry.org, a national group that advocates for citizens’ rights to openly carry handguns, met there.
After a little confusion at the front desk about whether it’s legal to bring an unconcealed handgun into the zoo - it is - the group bought tickets and sauntered through the front gates like all the other visitors.
That they were no different from all the other visitors was the point the group members were trying to make.

Look, dumbasses. You wanna make a point about handguns laws, do it somewhere that’s not heavily populated with children. Just because you can carry a concealed firearm in front of a bunch of 8-year-olds gawking at monkeys doesn’t mean you should. There’s a better time and place for that bullshit. Like a roller rink, where you can fall on your ass and inadvertently discharge your openly concealed handgun into your ass.

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psst....I think you mean "morons". And yes, they are.

Actually, "morans" is how the cool kids are writing it these days. I suppose not being a cool kid, it looks like I'm just an illiterate moron.

Kind of like "teh" and "!!!111!!!"? Chalk me up as an illiterate moron, too, then.

He said, "openly concealed handgun." This is a joke, righhhht?

Again, that's how the kids refer to them these days -- "openly concealed handgun." For reals, I saw it on Pajiba.

I don't see anything wrong with an open carry policy. I personally think that if everyone "showed their cards" than it would level the playing field. Of course, I live in a rather rural area, and seeing people with guns is common, especially during hunting seasons.

in CT, we are a concealed carry only state. You don't know who has what.

It was legal to openly carry weapons around town in Europe up until ~ the 1600 and that made society much safer. Psych, actually, people tended to kill one another in the streets over minor insults. Monarchs had to start threatening to hang anyone who got in a duel to put an end to the practice. Openly strutting around town with a .45 hanging from your belt might make you feel more like a man(because you have a tiny penis), but from a social benefit perspective, it will only lead to grief, but I guess it'll take a rapid increase in shooting deaths before the NRA and their ilk admit that.

you gotta do the whole post in tardspeak if you're gonna do it right D.



PPL R MORANS!!1!eleven



Haven't you ever seen this?


It was popularized by Fark and the general interwebs circa 2002, and has been part of the cultural lexicon ever since, especially online. Basically, a moran = a double moron.

Speaking of double morons, I've always wanted to know what the moran in that photo thinks of it all, and what he's up to these days.

Honestly, the members of groups like these typically tend to be pretty responsible gun owners and try to prove points by setting examples and pushing legislation. It's more the people NOT legally allowed to bring in a concealed weapon who are and who are at the zoo who are worrisome.

No OpenCarry person is going to shoot a kid, that would negate the point they're trying to make.

Ranylt, eyes guees Im teh reel moran hear!!11! Funny stuff.

I've gotta say, when I first read this I checked once on the location of the event (not Florida), twice on the chapter (not visiting from Florida), and so am convinced that at least some of these morans must originally be from Florida. There has to be some connection! Has to be!