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Big Momma, The Shaggy Dog, and Danny Zuko Take on the Hell’s Angels

Flush from their successful lawsuit against the city of San Francisco for killing three of its guard dogs, the Hell’s Angels are heading back to the courtroom, and this time it’s taking on an entity even more powerful than the government: Walt Disney. The Hell’s Angels are suing the corporation for sullying its good reputation by using its name and its trademark in the upcoming Disney family film, Wild Hogs.

The Hell’s Angels assert that they never approved Disney’s usage of its name and trademarked death skull in publicizing the movie, which is purportedly a family comedy that John Travolta, Tim Allen, and Martin Lawrence are attached to. According to IMDB, the movie centers around “a group of middle-aged wannabe bikers look for adventure out on the open road, where they soon encounter a chapter of the Hell’s Angels.”

Though the merits of the case are still unclear, there is at least one certainty: If Wild Hogs is made, movie critics around the country - who have had their fill of Tim Allen, John Travolta, and Martin Lawrence of late - will be calling in en masse to request sick leave, vacation pay, FMLA, or anything else that will warrant the absence. Indeed, this may be the only instance we’ll ever encounter in which Roger Ebert files a “friend of the court brief” on behalf of the Hell’s Angels.