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Police Take Advantage of Drunk Girl

There were no criminal charges filed, of course, because groping a drunk woman in a police station is perfectly legal.


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Oh, but they apologized, so it's all okay now. I wonder if the news station is going to apologize for exploiting her.

Cool. New episodes of Reno 911.

I'm more offended by the mini skirt/Ugg boot combo.


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OH MY GOD! That's right next to my hometown! That's my local newscaster! I've met her!!!!!

... Ew.

Hey, Michael Smith:

Thanks for the bewildering invitation to your potentially relevant discussion group. A few questions:

Which American are we hoping to free?
Will this prevent further taking of cellphone photos of miniskirt-wearing Chicagoans?
Did you know that you spelled "revolution" incorrectly?

This is sort of off subject but in today's Baltimore Sun, there was an article about an incident involving a skate boarder down town. The kid, surprise surprise, had a friend video tape him getting threatened by cops(the usual bit I guess) but also in this morning's paper was the result of a study showing that kids in Baltimore were more likely to die in murders than accidents and suicides combined. Think about that for a second. But I guess its important for police to rough up some skate boarder or molest a drunk girl at the station than to, I don't know, deal with real crime...

Where exactly did you get the information that she was drunk? It wasn't mentioned anywhere in the report. I'd say that groping a slutty but nonetheless sober woman in a police station is, indeed, perfectly legal.


They say that the person driving the car was arrested for drunk driving. How many sober people do you know who have gotten into a car with a drunk driver? While they never say that she was drunk, it's probably safe to say that she was intoxicated at the time.

I am sorry but after looking at the video, she looked like the instigator. She is obviously not only a very willing participant, but is the one enjoying the attention. So what is problem with this? She is the one at fault. Maybe she has a thing for guys in uniform?