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I’m a Bandwagon Poseur!

abc_barack_clinton_070425_ms.jpgI want to thank JMW for taking the bait and responding to my challenge last week to address Barack Obama’s perceived weaknesses — that his soaring rhetoric lacks policy substance. I encourage those still on the Hillary/Obama fence to check out the entire post, but here’s a taste:

Sometimes elections — if they’re between candidates who aren’t radically opposed — really aren’t about policy. I especially feel this way about someone like Clinton, who has yet to tell me there’s a single tough decision to be made about her dream plans, as if they will be smoothly enacted on her favorite day, “day one.” Sometimes elections should be about vaguer notions — this country’s built on a few of them, and their vagueness doesn’t mitigate their power. We’re looking for someone to lead us, after all. If Hillary Clinton’s grim view of political trench warfare was the only good option for Democrats this year, I could understand her being nominated, though I wouldn’t vote for her. But with Obama available as an option — someone with similar positions and a broad, bipartisan base of good will directed at him — I just can’t wrap my head around it. I’m not saying that as an apostle, I swear to Obama.

After he posted it, I posited a theory: Maybe some folks (like myself) have been somewhat reluctant to jump on the Obama bandwagon because, like anything else with that amount of hype surrounding it, the contrarian in all of us doesn’t want to be a part of the screeching masses. But you know: Fuck it. I’m gonna be another of the faceless millions throwing their bras at Obama. And if that makes me a bandwagon poseur, then at least I’ll be a bandwagon poseur supporting the best candidate.

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Jesus, Mary and Joseph Dustin! It's about fuckin' time! All of my kids are pro Obama. They still want to emulate their smart, funny, good looking Dad. Even my cute as shit little son in law is pro Obama now. What fuckin' took ya?

If you're still shaky, maybe this will bolster your faith:


There's a LOT of good, solid reasons to back Obama.


Even without a character debate, having reviewed both candidates plans for their presidency, not only do I like more of Obama's, i think his are actually acheivable and leave plenty of room to get some republican's on board. Despite the radical claims of socialism, there are times when the government has to help the citizens that cannot help themselves. I think that he will provide a change to the polarizing rhetoric and that we will be a more unified nation after his first term.

christ, am I the only person on the planet who feels that Obama's talents might be better put to use 4 or 8 years down the road? You know, when he wouldn't have to spend the first 2-4 years of his presidency cleaning up after GW and fighting off republicans trying to lay all the blame for said mess on him (which the Good People of America would no doubt buy, since we have a national attention span of just under 4 years). I'd rather let Hilary play janitor and take the political bitch slapping, while keeping Obama in full sight as the "heir aparent" of course (plus, that would be likely to keep my party in power for a while longer, which would be nice).

Whether he follows Bush or Clinton in office, Obama would indeed be cleaning up a giant mess. I'd rather he be given the opportunity sooner rather than later.