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Picture of the Day for Tuesday the 6th of November


It’s been awhile since I paid any attention to the sport of tennis, so I hadn’t even realized that Anna Kournikova had retired and made way to another ungodly attractive, blond Russian tennis star, Maria Sherapova (I understand that Sherapova, unlike Kournikova, is actually a decent tennis player to boot).

Anyway, I bring this up because of Marie Sherapova’s crotch, depicted in the above photo. It’s caused quite a stir. It seems she was taking a break from shooting a Canon commercial when the CEO of a giant Japanese advertising agency surreptitiously took the above photo, spread it around to his subordinates, and had a grand old time with it. (I’m not sure what the big deal is — there are better quality / higher-skin quotient images of Sherapova all over the Internet). Anyway, an employee of the advertising agency, Steve Biegel, complained about the CEO’s amateur photography and school-boy tittery, and apparently he was fired for it. Biegel is now suing; a spokesperson from the advertising agency says the claims are “outrageous” (man, doesn’t the defense of “outrageous” almost always suggest wrongdoing) and that the agency is considering counterclaims for libel and fraud.

So, no: It’s not that fascinating a case, but here’s my question: Who sits like that? Clearly, there are people with cameras in the area (she was shooting a commercial, after all), so what might possess a tennis star in an extremely short skirt to hike up her legs to enjoy a can on of Pringles like that?

It’s a good thing it’s not a dude sitting in that position — can you even fathom the amount of exposed brain? *Shudder*

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Thank you. You know, for the "law story". We really needed to "read" that.

Really, thank you.

It's Sharapova with an "a", just a side note. And tennis skirts are so short you can pretty much see her crotch any time you want, which is probably exactly why she didn't care, and why it's so confusing that the guy did. They're probably just those stretch short things anyway, not even underwear. Although, given the state of lame internet photos these days, even underwear would be a step up.

I thought this was a Pringles ad.