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Pants? I don’t need no stinkin pants!

dry-cleaning2.jpgRemember the asshat lawyer (and judge) who is suing a drycleaners for $60+ million dollars because of some lost pants? Well now he’s changed his story a little, lowering the amount of his lawsuit’s claim to a mere $54 million, and saying it has nothing to do with the pants anymore.

Roy Pearson is now putting the focus on his allegations that the dry cleaners had fraudulent advertising because there were signs in the window reading “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Same Day Service.” And, well, he was not satisfied. Lost pants and all that.

The trial starts next week, and we here at QuizLaw sincerely hope that Pearson gets no Satisfaction whatsoever from this absolute waste of the judicial system.

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Asshat indeed. May the judge charge him for taking up the court's time.