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Another Borat Lawsuit

borat.jpgSo early in the Borat movie, our intrepid foreigner chases a businessman down a NYC city street. That man, Jeffrey Lemerond, naturally, has now filed a federal lawsuit against Twentieth Century Fox (but not against Borat-portrayer Sacha Baron Cohen), claiming a massive violation of his civil rights. “Violation of my civil rights!”

Lemerond’s filing moans about the fact that the film shows him “fleeing in apparent terror” from Borat, who just wanted a hug from the friendly New Yorker. He says the use of his image was unauthorized, leading to an unjust enrichment for Fox, and also claiming that he’s suffered humiliation and ridicule. “Humiliation and ridicule!”

The Smoking Gun is there, of course, with the full complaint, for those so inclined to read such things.

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I can only think of Warren Zevon: Poor Poor Pitiful Me.