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Palin Always Looking Out for the Tax Payers

private-jet-kids-camp-6-8-07.jpgHere’s a somewhat surprising statistic, given that we’re talking about “maverick” Sarah Palin here. She charged the state of Alaska over $43,000 during her term as governor for travel, and billed the taxpayers $17,000 for per diem expenses, while traveling away.

The catch? Most of the money was for traveling to her home. Apparently, instead of staying in the governor’s mansion, Sarah and Todd Palin spent 312 nights in her own home, in Wasilla, 600 miles away. And they charged the state for travel and food expenses.

I bet it would’ve been a lot cheaper if she hasn’t sold that private jet.

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I want to slap the shit out of this woman.

I'm assuming you're being sarcastic about keeping the plane, but just to belabor the point: Besides the money recouped from the sale, owning your own plane is an insanely expensive way to fly. It's not like taking your car vs. taking a cab. Unless she was chartering the flights, which wasn't mentioned as far as I could tell (and her travel expenses are in line with, and in fact lower than, those of my boss, who works for a tiny tech startup), the per flight expense would be much lower than that of using a privately-owned plane.