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53 Percent of White Women Have Lost Their Minds

080904_palin_simon.jpgWell, the failure of Obama to pick Hillary as his VP choice is certainly starting to smart. According to the latest poll, there has been a 20 point swing among white women, in favor of McCain, since Sarah Palin was added to the ticket. Twenty Percent!

That stings.

Why? I have no fucking clue; surely, Hillary supporters have not jumped ship in favor of Palin? Surely, these white women understand that the only way we could actually go backwards from George Bush would be to have Sarah Palin as the President. Are these white women taking the risks that John McCain will survive all four years of his presidency? Have they not seen the toll that eight years took on the appearance of Bill Clinton and George Bush? And McCain is 72 years old. That’s 312 in President years.

Abortion rights are fucked.

I’m terrified, folks. It’s just occurred to me that a Sarah Palin presidency is actually possible now. That it may actually happen. That it’s not just theoretical, “ha ha ha, wouldn’t that be funny” bullshit. She may actually be the President of the United States! Sarah Palin. Who doesn’t even understand what Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are. Who makes Dan Quayle look like a goddamn rocket scientist. Who compares herself to a pit bull with lipstick.

Oh, God. I think I’d rather keep Bush another four years. Hold me.

I just keep having to remind myself that, for a short time in 1992, Ross Perot led in all the polls. Serenity now. Serenity now.

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fuck!!! There are a lot of Hillary supporters that are NUTS and will do anything to hurt Obama even if it means fucking the rest of us over. Why can't they just stay home on voting day rather than give their votes to the debil?? Oh this is just awful. Well, I'm a white chick and i HATE sarah palin and everything she stands for. Ugh, you should have to pass a mental evaluation to have to vote.

It's not just Hillary supporters who jumped the Obama ship. She's reignited conservative and independent women that were hesitant about voting for McCain.

You say a Sarah Palin presidency is possible... I say you should start clicking the days off your calendar because like it or not, it's not just possible, it's probable.

I have great faith that they'll fucking get over it. She's new, she's shiny. She still hasn't said a single new thing since her convention speech.

If you are afraid, find your local Obama office and work to change things. Handwringing is cathartic, but registering voters is a far better use of your energy.

That is truly horrible. I suspect that there are some who will vote for her simply because she is a woman. While I am all in favor of equality between the sexes, voting based on gender isn't going to help. Especially in this case.

Meh, I'm with Edith on this one.

Palin has been going around with pretty much the exact speech she gave at the convention...and that's about it.

I think when it all comes down sanity will prevail and most of the people in this great nation of ours will say "NO" to angry, lying, repetitive, crazies.

After all, we're Americans, we don't buy into all that stuff.

This is why I'm a Democrat. Too many idiots that are Republicans. They still don't get it & will be complaining AGAIN if a Republican is in office & f***s up the country. They put Bush into office so I have no sympathy for "Whiny Republicans." Republicans were hooting & hollering for Palin at the convention and she never said anything of substance. Republicans give America a bad name.

On the upside, think how funny all the late night shows will be when all Palin's hilarious antics ensue. Tina Fey needs to come back to SNL!

I love how the far left accuses the far right of using terrorism and 9/11 as a scare tactic for voters and then turns around and throws abortion rights in women's faces to scare the hell out of them to vote for the Democrats.

I hate that people assume or make it out to seem like this is the only thing we care about. Abortion rights and family issues aren't the only concerns among women. Im not going to vote for someone based soley on the fact that they believe in or are against abortion rights-

Anyway, Im also with Edith on this, things will even out once the debates get going and people see what lies beneath this shiny new Republican.

Obama supporters should be more concerned about the debates... if you watched O'Reilly's interview with him its clear he has a hard time expressing his ideas when he doesnt have 45 minutes to talk about them.

I don't need a uterus in the Oval Office, I need an intelligent person representing my country. The fact that a woman like Sarah Palin will get anywhere close to that office says more about the intelligence of the voters than about McCain or Palin.

I have never been so embarrassed to be a white woman.

No way. I don't believe it. Former Hillary supporters (like me) are not that dumb. The poll is dumb. And those women were probably not Hillary supporters in the first place.

You know, "Abortions for Everyone" (sassy handle, by the way, love it!) comparing the Right's fear-mongering about terrorism isn't really all that congruous to the Left's concern that a major foundation of the Republican platform is obliterating a woman's right to choose.

I mean, have you listened to any of their speeches? Having a "culture of life" is mentioned in just about every one of them. Telling someone that if the Democrats are in control the terrorists are more likely to bomb us all to hell isn't exactly the same thing as telling people that the Republicans want to erode reproductive rights in this country....because, well, they do. They said so.

So, it isn't really a scare tactic so much as the truth.

If this is true, women really do deserve every bit of crap we get for being women.

p.s. I'm female.

You're right, it definetly is not the same.

I guess what I was trying to express was that, as a woman, Im sick of having abortion rights thrown in my face any time I mention that I am undecided.

Abortion rights and family issues are important to me, and I certainly do not agree with the Republican 'Culture of Life' agenda, but there are bigger things on my mind in this election than abortions-
like the economy, healthcare, and the energy crisis. If Sarah Palin were elected VP, the country would go down the tubes based on these issues- not whether or not condoms were passed out during health class.


But, some perspective: men have been irrationally voting for their own sex (or excluding candidates of the opposite sex) since forever.

That doesn't make it right. But voting based on matching genitals isn't a "woman thing", by any stretch. I know plenty of older men in 200-fucking-8 who won't vote for a uterus, ever, while there's breath in their nostrils.

People wonder why I hate humanity?

I hope to God that this poll is wrong or that the numbers will change as time goes on. People can't really be this stupid right? That's all we keep saying,but I think we all really want to get an answer.

And I have to agree with three elle that Tina Fey would make a great Sarah Palin on SNL.

Ah, yes.... that old tired liberal canard. Only stupid people could possibly vote Republican, and surely there aren't that many stupid people!

Well, we dumb hicks who jes sit here and scratch ourselves while we holler out for ol Aunt Bessie to come and polish the fiddle up real good now just are in love with that there purty woman from somewhere who can dress a moose. Yeeehaw!

Or, perhaps people are looking at the choices and noticing that Obama is a disaster waiting to happen. Perhaps people are saying, "I don't want to be put into forced 'volunteer' camps, and I don't want to pay 60 % of my income in taxes like Obama said." Obama is the most far left politician nominated probably in forever, and people just don't want to do Carter, version two.

And some women don't really appreciate the rancid sexism and misogyny being spouted by just about every Obama supporter under the sun right now. Ever think about that, Obamatrons? From incest to rape to whore to "Palin should execute her daughter" comments made by leftists and the media--people aren't stupid. Obama is all but given a blowjob by CNN and the rest, while Palin can't catch any break at all.

I'm waiting for the next scandal: Palin spanked her kid for breaking the neighbors window!!! Tune in for our 48 hour marathon on how evil Palin is, Republicans, and they are all child abusers who eat babies!!!!! Olberman has it all!!!!

Obama and his elitist friends (Whah! The Germans and Frenchies will hate us unless we elect Obama, you rubes!) turn off a lot of people.

But I'm glad you are panicking. Oh NOES--crucify the woman who believes that having a kid is a good thing--we can't have that! Crucify her! She should kill babies after they are born, like Obama wants! Then she might be acceptable. Right?

I wasn't actually scared until I read your post. Thanks!

People will get over this bullshit. Hopefully. Maybe?

Fuck it, time to head north.

My husband had this great idea for the Obama campaign: Obama towels emblazoned with the slogan: Don't Panic. I think it would be awesome. I mean, we're democrats and Cub fans, so we veer naturally towards panic. But I think Obama's got us this time.

Remember, Sarah Palin thinks that the founding fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance. She thought tax payers were funding Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae last week, but not this week. I mean, I know it's all elitist and stuff to know that the Thomas Jefferson didn't write the pledge; yet, I remain confident that Biden'll wipe the floor with her.

Seany D

Love "Don't Panic"

Vanceone - is that 'fancy one' in a foreign language or is it more sort of Vancene, like Raylene....? whatever your down south homey name is - you are stupid! Ha ha ha ha. Liberals are lovely, we're all soft and yummy and caring and we know the difference between an intelligent, educated and thoughtful person with good judgment and Sarah Palin.

When did it become elitist to not want idiots running the country? When?

How is it totally insane to think that, as a nation, we ought to try to make this country and the world a better place for all the folks living in it?

AT WHAT POINT did anyone mention a 60% tax rate?

Vanceone, you are entitled to your opinions - though I worry about how much all that vitriol might affect your health - but you might want to take a step back from the edge and realize that the Republican platform, as it is currently presented, is a total eff you to most of America.

I don't think all Republicans are belly-scratching boobies, but anyone who honestly thinks that the Republican leadership - THAT HAS BEEN IN CHARGE FOR THE LAST 8 YEARS - is looking out for Average Joe Citizen probably isn't using their critical thinking skills enough.

"My husband had this great idea for the Obama campaign: Obama towels emblazoned with the slogan: Don't Panic."

That would be a great idea, if some ignoramus wouldn't turn it into an anti-Muslim slur and use it to call into question Obama's loyalty to the U.S.

A real old-timey Republican would say that average Joe Citizen is better off if he's allowed to look out for himself (and the same goes for average Joanne citizen and herself). None of those get anywhere close to a nomination anymore though, see "The Power of Nightmares" for the reasons why.

And seriously, abortions for everyone is right. We could argue all day about which side is most egregious, but we all need to realize that we are all being fear mongered and pandered to. When GHWB nominated Souter to the bench, NOW said he would be "ending freedom for women in this country." Souter. David Souter. Besides the obvious fact that they were wrong about who Souter was, it was equally obviously hysterical fear mongering.

The truth is that both sides are scared shitless that you will think hard enough about what they are saying to see just how much of it is fear mongering, pandering, class warfare, and ad-hominem attacks and see how very insanely little has anything to do with a reasoned and consistent plan backed by facts.

"Surely there aren't that many stupid people!"

Vanceone, you're wrong about one thing: We know without a doubt that there are a lot of stupid people. They usually espouse things like this:

"I don't want to be put into forced 'volunteer' camps, and I don't want to pay 60 % of my income in taxes like Obama said."

This seems like it's proving exactly how dumb many Hillary supporters were. I honestly can't even fathom how somebody would swing from at supporting either Hillary or Obama to somebody as ridiculously conservative and inexperienced as Palin.

I don't want to think about it! Repressing it could make it go away right?