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Oranges Are Apparently More Dangerous than I Thought

orangesdad.jpgThe next time the terrorists want to attack the United States, they might want to trade in their dirty bombs for a few oranges. Deadly stuff, you know:

Two Marion County boys are facing felony charges after reportedly throwing oranges at a patrol car.
The boys, ages 15 and 17, were charged with throwing deadly missiles after Tuesday’s incident and were taken to a juvenile facility.
Deputies said one boy told authorities that they decided to throw the oranges at cars because they were bored. The boy said the stopped sheriff’s office patrol car was the only vehicle that they hit with the fruit.

Felony charges, huh? For throwing oranges. It’s a good thing they weren’t grapefruits — they might have gotten the death penalty.

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Damn police, they are useless for everything except murdering people and arresting kids.

Have fun trying to get a conviction for that, gentlemen. This definitely is a situation where the junior prosecutor (who will inevitably receive the file) reads the file, stares up at the ceiling, takes a sip of coffee and wishes it was laced, reads it again and promptly walks down the hall to throw it in the head District Attorney's face and tells him to go fuck himself, quits (in case the DA didn't already know) and leaves to a job where matters this pointless don't exist.

Hey, man, I grew up in Florida. That shit hurts. I don't know if you've ever gotten hit in the face with an orange, but my brother gt me in the eye with a tangerine, and Family Services was nearly called on my family because my teacher thought I was being smacked around.

If those officers were in the car, though, they need to buck up and live with it.

On the other hand, if somebody had come by in a convertible...

If I told you the stuff me and my friends did back it the late '70's to mid '80s you'd say I watch to many movies. Point being if we got caught now a days we would most likely be in GITMO. Kids today get no breaks whats so ever.