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Oooh, Oooh. Clinton Lies Again!

hillary-clintonjikf.jpgI’m an ass, but whatever: I’m starting to find a little joy in Hillary Clinton’s campaign debacles. In fact, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed demonizing her the last few months (I dunno what I’m going to do if she somehow pulls out the nomination, besides eat my goddamn words). Anyway: Today’s campaign mispeakment comes courtesy of a story she’s been telling in her stump speeches about a pregnant woman with no medical insurance who was turned away from a hospital twice because she couldn’t pony up $100 to get admitted. The third time she arrived, she came in an ambulance — her baby was born stillborn, and she later died of complications.

It’s actually an immensely sad story — and both the stillbirth and the woman’s unfortunate death are true. However, what’s not true is that she was never turned away for care — in fact, she had medical insurance. Hillary, who has decided to remove the story from her speech, says that she was merely telling the story the way she heard it, second-hand from an Ohio police officer. Hillary says she didn’t know all the details.

Now, wouldn’t you think that, if you’re going to use a story in your stump speech — something you repeat 10 times a day — that you’d go the extra mile and get the actual facts? Or, perhaps, the facts just didn’t fit the point she was trying to make.

How inconvenient.

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How just like her. I have no respect for her - never did.