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One More Time with Feeling

fireworks-smaller.jpgOnce again, we’d like to thank everyone for their votes over at the ABA Journal’s whojawhatchamacallit. As a result, we’ve now got that shiny new little badge over in our sidebar, recognizing how wonderfully Generally Speaking we are. But we’d also like to congratulate all the other folks who took home some ABA gold:

What About Clients? (Winner of the “All Business” category).

InstaPundit (Winner of the the “Politics for Sport” category).

The Volokh Conspiracy (Winner of the “Ivory Tower” category).

China Law Blog (Winner of the “Black Letter Law” category).

Legal Process Outsourcing (Winner of the “Lawyer’s Toolkit” category).

Ms.JD (Winner of the “Your So-Called Life” category).

Crime Scene KC (Winner of the “Crime Time” category).

There’s No Competition in Law School (Winner of the “JDs in Training” category).

Durham-in-Winderland (Winners of the “Lawyers Behaving Badly” category).

Above the Law (Winners of the “Gossip” category).

SCOTUSblog (Winners of the “Benched” category).

But the real reason I put up this post was just to have an excuse to use the awesome fireworks photo. It was taken just after midnight on New Years Eve in Oslo, Norway, and you can see the nice, big full-size version over on Foto.no. According to this story, Oslo doesn’t arrange officially fireworks because it’s too cold for everyone to go downtown. So folks just set shit up in their gardens and then watch from inside. Pretty damn cool.