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Do you see people? The terrorists are winning!

billO.jpgPoor poor Bill O’Reilly. What’s a news anchor to do when when Barack Obama’s National Trip Director is in his way? Politely ask him to kindly move, naturally. And just because Papa Bear’s version of “polite” includes yelling and calling him a sunuvabitch — I ask you, is that any reason for the Secret Service to restrain the man? He’s just trying to do his job, people!

Rudy is right, man, the next crisis is a moment away! (Be warned — the following video is perhaps the most vile and offensive campaign ad you’ll ever see.)

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Ladies and gentlemen, with the impending fade of Huckabee, the increasingly worsening image of Romney, and McCain's inevitable demise from dirty trick campaigning, I give you the Republican nominee. Thanks and good night everyone!


Wow. Just ... wow. I agree that was the most vile and offensive campaign ad that I have ever seen. I hope that isn't a flash of things to come.


rudy....what a cocksucker.