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OK. This Shit Has Got to Stop.

I’m sorry, but while I respect conservative ideology to a degree, and can even admit to “palling around with Republicans” from time to time, this “Obama is a terrorist” bullshit is really starting to piss me off. This shit is ugly, y’all. And it is fucked up. It’s 2008. Two thousand and eight! And people are still acting like this? Under the guise of patriotism.

It’s not cool, y’all. I cannot believe this is the way some Americans are acting. No. More than some. Like, 40 percent right now. I’m almost afraid if Obama wins, some of these wingnuts are gonna line up at the White House gates with a rope. And that’s not hyperbole. That’s a legitimate fear. Look at this above video. It scares the holy living hell out of me. And what’s worse is that McCain/Palin are egging it on. They’re provoking this shit. “Obama is a terrorist” isn’t just a talking point, it’s sticking. And this ain’t the Deep South. This is Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, people.

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McCain supporter: someone who is not at work but tells other people to get back to work.

Dammit. Fine. We are Pennsyltucky. God damn Bethlehem people. Ignorant Fuckers. I wish I still lived in PA so I could cancel out at least one of their votes.

That little video is a pretty fair encapsulation of everything that I am embarrassed about when it comes to my fellow United States-ians.

Seriously. A bunch of stupid, angry, white people...damn, just...damn.

I'm just glad that had that funky groove thang at the end. It made me feel better.

That was absolutely horrifying to watch. Seriously. I am sick to my stomach seeing my fellow "Americans" acting in such a despicable way. If I saw a video of Obama supporters acting like that I'd be just as sick (if not sicker).

Faggots? Commies? Get a fucking job?

You know that if the roles were reversed and those were Obama supporters shouting that kind of shit at the McCain protesters, the RNC would have an ad out in 6 hours flat about the "kind of people that support Barack Hussein Obama."

My registration is still in PA, as is my boyfriend's. The absentee ballots should be arriving any day now. No way I'm changing my registration to easy peasy Massachusetts. My swing state needs me!

I don't believe that Obama is a terrorist. But he did sit in a church for 20 YEARS listening to an America hating preacher spew that nonsense. The very first time he heard this he should have turned to his wife and said "We've got to leave". But no. He made friends with the guy and called him his mentor. That should disqualify him from being President.

Apparently McCain has realized its gotten out of control after a women prefaced a question with "he's an arab terrorist" the only problem is Palin has stirred up such a frenzy that they don't care about McCain and proceeded to boo him when he responded that Obama is a decent man who he disagrees with on policy issues. However, Mccain this is the bed you made, you and the rest of your tattered career are going to have to lie in it.
and Craig: Get the fuck over it.

I don't see a lot of McCain supporters. People seem to be either for Obama or against him.

The typical responses given for being anti-Obama are inarticulate, low-information retellings of anecdotes, such as "He was friends with terrorists" or "He did a bunch of coke".

Even the better educated voters who are anti-Obama sound as if the carriage is leading the horse; they were against Obama before they came up with their reasons. This usually sounds like: "He voted x number of times to raise taxes" (This number is invariably inaccurate, though is a reasonable concern) and my favorite: "I don't know how he wants to change the country" or "He talks a lot but never gives specifics".

If you want specifics, they are everywhere. His website, for starters, has more specific plans than I care to read.

I am for Obama because I agree with his policies, his judgment, his voting record, and his demeanor. If I was supporting McCain I would be taking a good look around and asking myself how I ended up on the same side of the fence as so many despicable people.

I could only watch until 3:26 when that guy blamed Obama for the financial ca-ca-cat-catastrophe. I guess that's what happens when you watch FOX News full time.

Barack Hussein Obama II
Hussein was his father's name.
I don't care if a person is Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, or Muslim. I don't believe that ALL Muslims are evil or terrorists. People are so incredibly ignorant in this country.

You watched a Youtube video of Rev. Wright who probably experienced A LOT of racism when he was younger. You will never really understand why he is angry. I will never understand why people are angry. We don't know if he made these comments on a daily basis or if it was only one incident.

Dr. Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Joel Osteen,Robert Byrd, Hugo Black, Harry Truman,
Jack Abramoff, Kenneth Lay, Bandar "Bush" Bin Laden...

One guy at a GOP rally told McCain he didn't care about the economy. He cared about Bill Ayers. Snooze. Idiots.

Boo Hoo! I love these Christians calling people names. There is a place for them in Heaven!!

If you're still undecided...please don't vote. You're an IDIOT.

This is a perfect illustration of why I'm never entirely comfortable around large groups of white people. I watch this video and it's obvious to me: they can't call him a nigger, so they call him a terrorist instead.

I worry about the President dying regardless of who wins...McCain because he has Cancer and looks like a stiff wind could knock him down and Obama because I would not be surprised to see our first black president be assassinated. Some, "Culture of Life"

Don't be surprised that this took place in Pennsylvania. Anyone who's driven through PA knows why they call the middle part "Pennsyltucky."

So few racists, so many white people.

I don't want to condemn all white people in PA.
There are a lot of decent white people. I think the people in the video are racist idiots, but I don't think it's necessary to write about their race. Racists are racists.
I was annoyed with the black guy at Obama's rally asking him what he was going to do for the black population.
Hey...it's not about one race.
A white or black President is not working for your race only. I'm bored with the idiots of all races.
I would love a President who is black/white/asian/gay...that would be interesting!

I moved from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg because of my job and it is scary out here sometimes. Part of my job requires me to meet with clients and it is amazing how many of them aren't voting for Obama because of his race. These are educated, young (early thirties) people who say things like "I'm not voting for him for the obvious reason". Unbelievable.