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Bizarre chemicals? S’ok. Weird drawing? Get the fuck out!

jerilea-zempel.jpgSo there are these guys who work at the US border. Let’s call them US Customs and Border Protection officers, yeah? And these officers are there to protect our country. From terrorists, from ne’erdowells and, most importantly, from intellectual property pirates. You try coming into this country with shit that infringes my copyright, you can just turn right the fuck around!

But wait, you say. Isn’t this ridiculous, you ask.

No! If it weren’t for the fine fellows who work at the border, this drawing would’ve made into our glorious nation:


Ridiculous? You tell me.

Yeah, you see, that bitch pictured at the top of this article, Jerilea Zempel, had the nerve, the audacity, to try to bring that sketch into the country.

crocheted-suv.jpgOf course, it turns out that Zempel is an artist. And her sketch wasn’t so much an infringement of someone else’s copyright, but a drawing of “Homeland Security Blanket,” a project worked on (pictured to the left) involving a crocheted SUV meant to be a statement against our love of Big Oil and big cars.

(Hat tip to Blawg Review’s anonymous editor and The J-Walk Blog.)