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Oh, Arkansas — You Run Deep in Me

arkansasstateflag.jpgGood for Arkansas! After proudly collecting the requisite number of signatures, my home state has made the right, moral, fair decision to put an initiative on this November’s ballot that would ban unmarried couples who co-habitate from adopting or fostering children.

The Secretary of State’s office has approved the necessary signatures for an initiated act proposal, which bans co-habitating couples from adopting or fostering children, to appear on the November 4th ballot.
From a press release Jerry Cox, president of Family Council Action Committee, said the Secretary of State’s validation of over 85,000 signatures of registered voters for the Arkansas Adoption and Foster Care Act is well over the required 62,000 and clears the way for passage in November.
“I couldn’t be any more pleased,” said Cox. “Overall about 90% of our signatures were valid. This is a great compliment to the hard work of over 2,500 volunteers and over 1,000 churches and other groups all across Arkansas who pitched in to make this happen.”

I’m “pleased” too! Finally, a law that would prevent children from finding a loving home with loving parents! Because, clearly, being married is what qualifies you as being a parent, because there are no such thing as abusive asshole married couples. Thank you, Arkansas! You are a bastion of enlightenment!

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Please go to www.arkansasfamiliesfirst.org if you want to join the fight against this initiative.

Thanks for the link, Laura!

Assuming that gay marriage is still illegal in Arkansas, could this be a way to ban GLBTs from adopting/fostering children without having to actually say the words? Regardless, it's a ridiculous initiative.

The other day, my unmarried cohabitant (aka, my boyfriend), made the remark that the whole country should just stop making laws from this day forward. I protested. He asked me to name one good law in the past decade. I drew a blank.

Why doesn't anybody consult the vulnerable party who is supposed to benefit from the law? I'm sure if they spoke to kids who are in and out of the system, or even the social workers, teachers, psycologists, and later down the line(because it's all related) the people in the prisons, they'd figure out that these laws hurt society and only protect the ignorance of the homophobes.

This is all well and good, but only if the state also makes a law limiting married people from procreating without prior approval... I mean, not to generalize, but isn't incest sort of a concern in this region? Possibly more so than nice people adopting kids that need good homes?

The hell? That's the single most retarded thing I've heard in a while.

At this point, all I can say for gay southerners is that they need to move. I understand being attached to your culture, I understand being financially constrained, but save your money and get the hell out. You'll get used to wearing layers and not being able to find grits in restaurants, but there's no getting used to a lynch mob.