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You Know What? Parents are Sucky Whiners

ScottAP2.jpgHave you folks heard about this story, about a kid who was basically kicked out of Little League because he threw too hard? That an opposing team actually refused to take the field, because the parents were afraid their poor wittle baby might strike out once or twice and be humiliated.

Nine-year-old Jericho Scott is a good baseball player — too good, it turns out. The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven told his coach that the boy could not pitch any more. When Jericho took the mound anyway last week, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left, his coach said. Officials for the three-year-old league, which has eight teams and about 100 players, said they will disband Jericho’s team, redistributing its players among other squads, and offered to refund $50 sign-up fees to anyone who asks for it. They say Jericho’s coach, Wilfred Vidro, has resigned. But Vidro says he didn’t quit and the team refuses to disband. Players and parents held a protest at the league’s field on Saturday urging the league to let Jericho pitch. “He’s never hurt any one,” Vidro said. “He’s on target all the time. How can you punish a kid for being too good?”

Fucking babies. And dollars to donuts says that most of the 8-10 year olds in the league would’ve loved to face him. I mean: If you strike out, then you’re just like every other kid who faces him. So, you lose nothing. But, if you’re one of the fortunate ones to get a hit, how great would that be for a nine-year-old’s ego? Stupid parents — you gotta let your kids stand in there and face the heat. And if they get hit, that huge bruise will be like a badge of honor, man! Ridiculous.

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Our society continues its march towards rewarding mediocrity and punishing excellence. Everyone is special, unless they truly are.

I don't know, I kinda like the idea of shielding your kids from trouble. I had my first felony conviction at 11 and it never did me any good.

Hey Bill. How on earth do you equate a 40 mph fastball with preventing felony convictions?

Did they test him for steroids? That seems to be the answer for everything nowadays.

sorry, I hit the send button before I realy thought that out. Though, I gotta say that being protected from both is a good thing.... I know, that was a reach too.