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Of course, it is a waste of a perfectly good pint of ice cream

portland-maine.jpgDustin keeps trying to tell me that his new home of Portland, Maine is a wonderful place. Yeah, sounds great:

A woman who threw a pint of ice cream through a store window after a clerk refused to sell her beer was fined and given a suspended jail sentence Monday.

Jamie Cahill, 26, most recently of Portland, Maine, pleaded guilty in Portsmouth District Court to a class A misdemeanor count of criminal mischief. Prosecutor Rena DiLando told the court that Cahill went to the convenience store at Heath’s Mobil in Sept. of 2007, when a clerk refused to sell her beer, then she purchased ice cream.

After Cahill left the store, the pint of ice cream was thrown through a plate glass store window, according to police.

I’m not belittling the town because of the incident, itself. Rather, my problem is with it allowing store clerks to rampantly refuse to sell beer to the area’s fine citizens. Store deserved to have ice cream hucked through its window, pulling shit like that, you ask me.