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Nothing gets the Monday morning blood flowing like a little porn

tgif2.jpgGood ol’ Florida. Nothing beats Florida. Only there do you hear about a Tallahassee judge who’s been reprimanded by the state’s highest court for spending time in his chambers using the ol’ work computer to look at porn. The 60-year-old judge begged for forgiveness, apologizing profusely, but the state Supreme Court wasn’t having much of it. Although they did throw him a bone by letting him ride out his term, which expires at the end of the year.

I wonder if our little porn-surfing judge ever stumbled across pictures of Stephanie Adams, a 35-year-old former Playboy Playmate (she was 1992’s Miss November)? If so, he could’ve argued that he was actually doing legal work. That’s because Miss November has sued the city of New York, as well as the NYPD and a New York taxi driver, in a rather bizarre case.

You see, last May, Miss November hailed herself a cab to take her home. Now, she says she ended up getting into an argument with the cabbie over where he should drop her off. The cabbie, meanwhile, says there was an argument because she was refusing to pay the fare. He also claims that she said she had a gun and threatened to shoot him. In any event, the cabbie called 911 and filed a report that his fare, this Miss November, had a gun (in her lawsuit, she accuses the cab driver, among other things, of filing a false report). Miss November also called 911 herself, after the cabbie allegedly pushed a car door into her while she was getting out.

Meanwhile, after she got out of the cab, some plainclothes cops showed up, guns a-blazing. They snatched her handbag and threw her to the ground, holding her down until they realized that there was no gun actually in her purse. So that’s why she’s suing them and the city. Now, I can maybe see why she’s suing the cab driver, maybe. But if the cops get a report about a cab fare having a gun and threatening to shoot it, aren’t they kind of entitled to check the situation out and look into whether or not there is a crazy with a gun? And that would probably include tossing the alleged weapon holder to the gound while they search her belongings, right? So I’m not really sure about her case against the cops.

But anyway, the best part of the story comes out fo the fact that the cab driver is currently suspended. The reason is that the city’s Taxi & Limousine Commission conducted an investigation after this incident occurred, and I guess they didn’t buy into his story - at least, the part where he says that he called 911, not just because she threatened to shoot him, but because she “flashed her ‘vampire teeth’” at him. He now denies the vampire teeth bit, but I’m inclined to believe said it, and I love it.

Maybe he’s a werewolf, in which case, the whole thing was understandable. I mean, if you’ve seen Underworld, you know there’s this whole war between them. It would also explain why she threatened to shoot him, if she was a vampire and knew he was a lycanthrope. How do you kill a werewolf? …shoot ‘em with silver bullets! See, I’ve got it all figured out!