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Not Everyone is Handling the News Like the Dolphin, However…

lapdancedd.jpgThe New York Times Blog reported last night that, while “My Super Sweet 16” parties may end up a footnote to the Wikipedia entry on Nero’s concert while Rome was burning, a certain amount of hedonism is surviving the “downturn.” While most business in NYC are beginning to take a hit, strip clubs are thriving:

“Since the market has been going down, our business has been going up - it’s unbelievable,” said Sam Zherka, the owner of the V.I.P. Club in Chelsea, who estimates that about 80 percent of his clients are Wall Street types. (You’d think the lawsuits would have dampened that, but it seems fine as long as they’re not entertaining clients on their work-related expense accounts.) Mr. Zherka added, “A lot of guys are losing their shirts in the market, and they are coming in droves.”Business is up around 20 percent, he estimated.” In fact, “A lot of people are coming in and spending $2,000 and $5,000 and $10,000,” Mr. Zherka said. “They are spending like they are making millions and millions of dollars. I don’t know if they are depressed or what.”

…Hmmm. Doesn’t sound like he’s too concerned, though, huh? That Mr. Zherka. What a guy.

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I approve of this. This could change the dialogue about strip clubs. I've met strippers who TRULY love what they do, and now they are making bank for it as well? Good on them.

Cool! There is a job for me!
Is it cool to do the running man while stripping?
What about the robot?