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He Just Didn’t Have a Window

15169_dolphins-have-names.jpgThe U.S. Coast Guard was called Thursday after an 8-9 foot dolphin leapt out of the water and onto a boat, where it landed “right on top” of two sightseers, knocking Barbara Howard unconscious and beating Norman Hall repeatedly with its tail. Their daughter, Laura Hall, had organized the trip for her visiting parents; Laura’s boyfriend eventually pushed the dolphin over the side of the boat, and Barbara and Norman were treated in a local hospital for minor cuts and bruises.

One witness noted: “We all saw it jump right out of the water, and we’re like, ‘Oh my God, are you all right? Are you OK?’ It was like really crazy,” said David Kop, a fisherman.”I could see that they had a dolphin right on the front of the bow of their boat and it was flapping all over the place,” said John Rice, a witness.”

My theory? It appears that news of the financial crisis has reached the dolphins….

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It's a sign of the end of days. The Sea Messiah has been born (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/1760184.stm), and so the dolphins, who are clearly the minions of the antichrist being the only natural enemy of sharks, may now reveal their true, evil natures.

either that or he'd read carl hiaasen's "native tongue" and was just REALLY horny!

so long, and thanks for all the fish