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No textbook left behind

textbooks.jpgOh, Philly, you never disappoint:

Superintendent Arlene Ackerman ordered audits of the textbook supply of every school in the 167,000-student district after some teenagers told Ackerman last month they did not have books. The district has spent $124 million in textbooks since 2005.
Teams of administrators have completed checks at all high schools and are moving on to middle schools, they said.
“In most cases, the books were available,” said Tomas Hanna, chief of school operations.

I know. You’re asking, “Seth, if the books were available, why didn’t the students have them?” There’s a simple question, of course — they lost the books.

The main issue, Ackerman said, is that the district has no central tracking system for books. She pledged to institute one by the spring.


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See, this is sad and weird unless you're actually a teacher and you know from experience that this is the way the system works. Education is that messed up, y'all. And I'm in a predominantly white, middle- to upper-class, small-town kind of school where, you know, someone should be able to keep track of stuff.

In my school district, each teacher was responsible for their own books. The first day was always lots of writing your name next to the number of your book for every class, but on the plus side, there are only so many places to lose books in a classroom. I wonder how expensive the "central tracking system" will be.