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He Hates these Flags? Get Away from the Flags!

Man, I may never get tired of this video and the look of dumb-ass shock on W’s face when a shoe hurtles over his head. Is that a half-grin he displays?

Also, is anyone else the least bit bothered that it seemed to take a good 5 - 10 seconds before the Secret Service came out? If those shoes were bullets, no one would’ve been around to take one in the chest.

That’ll show Bush to make surprise visits, I suppose.

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He came into office ducking insults and he leaves the same way.

As much as I wish one of the shoes would have beaned him, I must grudgingly admit that he is surprisingly agile.

I think the secret service is over him, like the rest of us are.

If it had been aimed at Pres-Elect Obama he would've swatted that bitch into the third row, then exclaimed: "Get that shit, outta here!"

I was thinking the same thing about the Secret Service. LOL.

Much as I may dislike Bush, that's pretty unprofessional of the reporter.

And I would also sport a half-grin, and possibly a full one, if I had successfully dodged flying shoes. Of course, I am pleased any time I show the slightest bit of athletic prowess, but I imagine Bush may share that characteristic.

how weird is this?:

just before i opened this page and read the post's title, Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin singing came up on my play list.

coincidence? i think not.

hmm, html tags not working- the song was "You Belong to Me" (complete with trumpet solo and waves in the background)

Somewhat, okay quite, off-topic...can QuizLaw explain what is meant by conservatives when they say that "judges have been legislating from the bench!" during the Bush administration? I don't mean that rhetorically or sarcastically--exactly what judges and laws are they talking about?

Ah, this is how I feel about Bush too!

I gotta say, it might not be sophisticated or classy but it's succinct and hilarious.