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No Sir, Uh Uh, That Ain’t Right

tietoatree.jpgLet me ask you folks something. A fairly innocuous question. Maybe you don’t know the answer, but maybe you do. Here it is:


A couple accused of killing their 13-year-old son by tying him to a tree for two nights for punishment appeared in a North Carolina courtroom Monday to face charges of murder and felony child abuse.
Attorneys appeared Monday with Brice Brian McMillan, 41, and his wife Sandra Elizabeth McMillan, 36, of Macclesfield.
The county sheriff’s office has said Brice McMillan told a deputy the teen was being disobedient and was forced to sleep outside last Tuesday while tied to a tree. The teen was released Wednesday morning, but again tied up that night for bad behavior.
Sheriff James Knight has said the boy was left tied to the tree until the following afternoon, when his stepmother found him unresponsive. Authorities believe the boy was bound to the tree with plastic ties and possibly other kinds of material.
Arrest warrants for both McMillans said the child sustained “bruising to the wrist, cuts to entire body, missing flesh from buttocks, results from being tied to a tree for approximately 18 hours resulting in death.” (Source)

Your kid misbehaves, you give him a time-out. You take away his video games. You ground him for a week. Hell, if you’re old school, give him a spanking — make him pick out the switch you use on his ass.

But you don’t tie him to a goddamn tree, you sick twisted fucks. 18 hours? To a tree? Did you think to check up on him? See if he needed dinner? See if his ass had all its flesh?

This folks is why we have the death penalty and that bitch up there in that picture deserves the guillotine.

And then there is Part II in today’s WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE series: A man who beat an infant to death in the middle of the street. He got to meet the business end of a police officer’s bullet; unfortunately, the infant didn’t survive:

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That's a perfect example of what crystal meth will do to your brain.

It's so sad to think that some poor little 13 year old kid died tied up to a tree at the hands of his own mother.