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No shit!

speeding.jpgThis is crap. Utter bullshit.

A court in Trelleborg, Sweden, has ruled that a woman’s diarrhea was not a sufficient reason for her to break the posted speed limit while driving.
The district court rejected the 49-year-old woman’s argument that she was forced to drive 53 mph in a 43 mph zone because of her digestive issues, Swedish news agency TT reported Thursday.
The court said the speed limit can only be broken in cases of emergency, which it defined as a danger to someone’s life or to prevent a serious crime.

Seriously, fucking bogus. Diarrhea ain’t an emergency? Then I don’t what the hell is.

Shame on you, Trelleborg court. If I’m ever in Sweden and I crap in my car because I wasn’t allowed to speed back to my hotel, I’m bringing the cleaning bill to you!

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A friend of mine once got out of getting in trouble for breaking her curfew by running into the bathroom when she got home and staying there for like, ten minutes. When she got out she claimed she was late 'cause she had explosive diarrhea and had to stop constantly on the way home. Best lie ever.

53 in a 43? What kind of whacky ass speed limits are those?