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No. I Double Double Triple Dog Dare You

lohan.jpgI love the entrapment defense. Every time some douchebag does something illegal, he inevitably screams, “Entrapment! Entrapment!” as if that hooker flashing her hoo-ha and yelling, “Come and get it, boy,” counts as entrapment.

Still, while this particular case may fit the definition of entrapment a little more closely, it’s still a bullshit defense. Here, Dr. Maurice Wolin claims that he was lured by the staff of “To Catch a Predator” into trying to bump uglies with a 14-year-old, or at least a Perverted Justice employee posing as a 14 year old (the team of law enforcement folks who work for “Catch a Predator” are called Perverted Justice). He claims that the employee accused him of being “a chicken and a liar and a ditcher and a player” after he told her he was “not ready yet” and “couldn’t do anything.” Wolin told police, “She begged me to come. I know that doesn’t make it right … but I never would have done anything.”

I see. So, basically, what you’re saying here, Dr. Wolin, is that she dared you. Right? You wouldn’t have tried to roll up on no underage poon had she not pulled out the triple-dog dare, huh? I hear that — that’s totally valid, my friend. It’s like how that cocaine is always daring Lindsay Lohan to snort it — it’s like, “Just take a little bump of me, LL. You know you want it. You want that firecrotch to burn tonight, don’t you, little girl. Pull out a $100 bill, roll it up, and taste the dragon. I dare you, bitch. Do it. You scared, little girl. Huh? Huh? Can’t handle the beast, huh? You don’t even deserve the name, Blohan.”