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No Fucking Wonder They Hate Us in Iraq

Brave men and women? I know that most of the folks fighting in Iraq are, but these fuckers (mother mother mother fuckers) are giving the rest of them a bad name.

Words fail me. Really, honestly fail me. (Not Safe for Extreme Pet Lovers — Seriously, watch at your own risk).

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Even Perez wouldn't post these... I had hoped I wouldn't see them posted anywhere.

These people need to be locked up, hopefully for a long time.

What is the maximum sentence for this?

I don't think you have to be an extreme pet lover to hope these bastards get what is coming to them.

Let me start by saying that this is not at all a defense of these soldiers. These videos are, of course, disgusting and repulsive. However, while I was watching them, I was reminded of a recent article in the NY Times magazine that followed some soldiers in Afghanistan. The author did an amazing job of conveying the stress, fear, anger, sorrow and frustration these soldiers have to endure on a daily basis. Given that this is the case, I have to say that - while I condemn them for being cruel to these animals - I have to admit that I understand they have become incredibly hardened by the situation they are in. For whatever that is worth. Link to the NY Times article:

While this is bad enough, what about all the PEOPLE dying?

thanks for the warning.

i won't even watch a fictional movie that contains the death or harm of a dog.

even the screenshots, given the situation, are brutal.

here's a legal question: *if* cruelty toward animals is not against the law in iraq, then can the US government do anything beyond discharging this fucker? i have no idea how military courts work. the sad truth is that the punishment for killing a dog would not be very severe, either way.

I'm not going to watch this based on your warning, but I do want to say that, unfortunately, there are probably many US citizens and even more people worldwide who behave this way (and so are obviously very disturbed individuals),...it's not just behavior limited to US miltary, and so shouldn't just reflect badly on Americans alone, but on people and society in general.

The best part is that these demented asswipes are coming back to the US someday. With all their happy experiences and training. Joy.

I am a veteran who served in mechanized infantry companies with the 4th ID and 1st Cav from 1993-1997. I can tell you from experience that 99% of the soldiers that I served with were professional HUMAN(E) men and women who would find this type of behavior abhorrent and disgusting. However, I can understand how this happens when your life teeters between hours of excrutiating boredom and minutes of extreme terror. Emotionally, you can become so numb that you can find joy in killing defenseless animals. While I do condemn their behavior, ask yourself how you would behave on minimal sleep per night with no access to your loved ones while regularly seeing your friends wounded and killed? I'm sure most of you believe you would not behave like this, but maybe, just maybe 1% of you would. And while you may hate the guys that did this, also pray for them b/c they were willing to take up arms to defend your freedom and in doing to they became irreparably damaged. Sermon ended.

right, well, as long as someone is defending me from invading hordes of stray animals.

steve i would never spit in the face of an honorable soldier, but goddamnit, they blew up that dog with a tank. honestly i can't even fathom an excuse for that.

I've spent four years in the Marines, and I've known quite a few guys who would have found these videos straight-up hilarious, as well as a certain number who would be quite capable of doing this themselves. We are, after all, rigorously trained and indoctrinated to kill and maim fellow human beings. It's a tough trick to adapt to that desensitization without going at least a little sadistic, especially when you actually are killing and maiming people on a daily basis.
Also, WTF's up with you people who find animal cruelty more offensive than cruelty to humans? Talk about sick and twisted...

For the folks who say "but what about the people?!?"
If someone can't treat an animal right, how do you expect them to treat people?
The person who kicks their dog is just getting warmed up.

The day we have more animals messing things up than humans, I'll revisit the subject.

Actually, Steve, the sad part is they arn't fighting for our freedom. They are fighting for bullshit. So while I feel quite sorry for them to be in that situation, I'm not going to feel greatful.
Furthermore--it's well documented that cruelty to animals is the first step in the psychopaths journey towards murdering their human neighbors. These guys are going to come back from Iraq mal-adjusted (thanks to how well we take care of our PTSD patients) and beat on their girlfriends, kill some prostitutes and maim some more creatures.

And dont spit talk of 'Oh but you dont care about HUMANS' here. There is no video of them killing children and families. If there was, I'm willing to bet my life savings that we'd be talking about that, rather then puppies.
Fact are they are killing puppies.

"These guys are going to come back from Iraq mal-adjusted (thanks to how well we take care of our PTSD patients) and beat on their girlfriends, kill some prostitutes and maim some more creatures."

That isn't the scary part. They will come back and be fine. They will be fine. They will be your neighbor or that cute guy at the gym. It will be something they did once and don't talk about now, because who cares now that it's over. Like the asshole frat boys who laugh at this shit. You will never know from looking at them what they did.

I didn't, and couldn't watch the videos. But as a response to the "not caring about humans" argument, I think it is comparable to children. Animals and children are the ultimate innocents, so it is truly shocking and despicable when ADULT HUMANS hurt them.
Sadism in any form is deplorable, obviously, but this is the ugliest form.
And I think the military and its utter and complete lack of psychological care is responsible also.

When an animal, for instance a dog, lives in a deplorable and abusive situation that results in it turning to aggressive behavior, many people feel sympathetic to the dog and will even attempt (and many times succeed) in rehabilitating and reorienting the dog into a normal and happy lifestyle and view. And they'll feel hate for those who placed them in that situation in the first place. However, people who live in these same awful conditions (one example, in my opinion, are those at war), and then turn to aggressive behavior are often looked upon with disgust and hate. While I DO NOT condone this behavior, at all, perhaps more sympathy and care needs to be shown to people who have lived in and through a deplorable and abusive situation, instead of just throwing this hate and disgust in their direction. And again, I'm sickened by this behavior, don't get me wrong, but our approach to the conditions and behavior of people like this needs to be fixed, not just regarding those in the military, but people everywhere.

I used to post on Ogrish and lemme tell you, we looked at & commented upon a lot of sick stuff: beheadings, car crash and drowning victims, rotting corpses, autopsies, etc but when it came to deliberate animal torture, most of us drew the line in the sand. The first clip however has been deleted by YouTube, I watched the second one just to see if the claims were true, and I couldn't get through the third one (turned it off) after the guy yelled "shoot the dog!". All this proves is just how horribly the troops are suffering from repeated stop-loss, or how bottom-of-the-barrel the Army recruitment people are going.

The first video is a fake. The second one doesn't even show the complete context of the dog getting shot and the third one. . . well that is a pretty messed up video. I'm mostly angry at the fact that it's a waste of tax payer's money.

I'm an officer in the US Army and even I find this incredibly fucked up. If I ever saw one of my men or women do this I'd beat seven shades of shit out of them. You wear body armor to stop 7.62 rounds and have to continously worry about snipers and IEDs, and this is how you maintain security?!? I swear to God I wondered why people though low of Marines and now here's part of the reason why.

You have stress and aggression like I have had? Well for fuck's sake don't take it out on an animal that didn't do anything to you. If you're stressed from getting shot at...then get the bastards who are shooting at you instead of taking it out on innocents. This are not the wars of old.

Oh yes, of course it's a fake. Er... how has everyone decided this? Is there some marine like the guy out of Police Academy who does unnervingly accurate impressions of yelping puppies? Of course. Seriously, I'd really like to hear the theories there.

I know they've essentially been trained to lack compassion but this stuff is quite terrifying. How people treat animals is exemplary of their nature - it's symbolic, and soldiers doing these things suggests really ghastly things about the military in general and the Iraq operation in particular.

In the interests of balance: Marine rescues mutt. I'm sure in the long run doing this would make people feel better than the cheap thrills of puppy-hurling.


fuck you, fuck you, fuck YOU all, that is one more reason why we hate you fuckers, I hope you suffer a lot, I hope you always live in fear, with terror, I hope you die, I hope all the fuckers in usa die, I hope you die with pain, like that dog, like the owner die inside looking at his friend dog dying, fuck you, fuck you, I hope you die with pain

It may not have anything to do with being a soldier. Perhaps he volunteered to be there because he liked to kill, whether it be animals or people, even children. I knew someone personally who was like that! He should be punished, regardless of his reasons for the cruelty. Read profiles of serial murderers, wife and children abusers, etc.