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“My eyes — the goggles do nothing!”

radioactive-man-goggles.jpgHoly hell in a handbasket. Last week, police in Virginia Beach arrested Robert B. Lewis in the parking lot outside of a grocery store. He was arrested for a rather common activity — placing pamphlets on folks’ car.

Well, except that he was drunk and they weren’t pamphlets as much as they were nude pictures of himself. Lewis says he wasn’t actually passing out the pictures, which he refers to as mementos from a past relationship.

Lewis said the pictures were in his car. He said the vehicle broke down and when he opened the doors and trunk, the wind scattered the images in the parking lot.
As he picked them up, Lewis said a customer with his daughter came up to him.
“He thought I stole something from her. He thought that maybe his family had, you know, lost something and I picked it up.”
Lewis said he showed the man the picture,”and he got really mad, and he started screaming and saying that I was a pervert.”
“If I get put in jail for some stupid stuff like this, there’s a good chance that I’ll lose my job, I’ll lose my apartment, lose everything I got,” said Lewis.

My only question, after looking at his mugshot, is, “how can I get my hands on them nekkid pictures?!?”