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Nice. Why Doesn’t the Judge Just Take Away Their Bubbles?

crying_child.jpgGoddamn laws and lawyers and judges and legal systems. You can’t even be a pirate these days without the “man” ruining all your fun.

The front yard of a house in a tony British Columbia neighborhood is a little less welcoming for pirates now.
Architect Andrew Dewberry and a crew of friends spent Saturday dismantling the pirate ship tree house he’s had in his Vancouver yard for two years. He said he had no choice after a court ordered it to be removed for not complying with city bylaws.
Dewberry had to explain the situation to his sons Jack, 9, and Sam, 7, before the tree house came down. He said, “They’ve had a lot of joy with the tree fort.”
Jack, who stood with a friend and watched the dismantling, said, “We wanted to sleep in it over the summer one time, but we didn’t get around to it and now we can’t.”

Yarrrrrr! Bastards.


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Oh my god - a Vancouver story! I'm so proud! Wait - rich people blithely breaking the law - knowingly and insouciantly....huh. Aw, screw it, they're from North Van.