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COME ON! McCain Ad Hits New Level of Absurdity

There has has actually got to be something of substance that John McCain can latch onto in one of his many increasingly absurd Obama attack ads. This one, frankly, is crazy-outrageous. It basically suggests that, because Barack Obama lives in Chicago, he is therefore inextricably tied to the Chicago political machine. The governor of Chicago is a crook, hence Barack Obama must be one, too!

Give me a break, McCain. Really. You’ve not only sunk to a new low, but to a new level of stupidity.

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Dustin as a native Chicagoan, I can tell you that this is actually a very legitimate point to make - in fact it is the most legitimate point that can be made about Obama. Obama wasn't just some guy who lived in Illinois; he was a state senator there, and he did absolutely nothing to stop any of the corruption that routinely goes on at the state and local level. He claims to bring change, yet in all his years in the state senator he did absolutely nothing to stop the abuses of power by the corrupt Illinois democratic party (or for that matter the corrupt Illinois republican party which had some power earlier in his career).

But the worst insult came four years ago, when Obama was running for U.S. senator, during the democratic primary for Cook County Commissioner (the county that includes Chicago). The election pitted the corrupt, Democratic-machine incumbent John Stroger, versus the first reformer to actually have a chance - Forest Claypool. Who does Obama endorse? Stroger of course - can't upset the system. What happens? Stroger dies right before the election so our wise Democratic overlords replace him with inexperienced son, who goes on to barely beat Claypool. And after that? The county continues to fall into such a bad state that they raise the sales tax to the highest in the nation - 10.25%. THANK YOU OBAMA!!

As a Chicagoan I second Peter's comment. If your an IL politician you are owned lock, stock and barrel by the combine that runs this state. If you get out of line, you get fired. Ask Peter Fitzgerald. He was a crazy ass righty, but he was honest. Honest enough to get fired.

By the way, here in Chicago, we don't have a governor, we have a King. The idiot who thinks he runs this state is down in Springfield.


Obama didn't endorse John Stroger over Forrest Claypool. Obama endorsed Todd Stroger over Republican Tony Peraica. Big difference.

And considering Pereica's current use of Pat Fitzgerald's image in his door-hangers, I'd say Obama, overall, picked the smallest loser in that race.

So by that logic, Ted Stevens has ruined Sarah Palin?


You're right, it was Pereica that he didn't endorese, my bad. And while I'll argue with you that Pereica would be way better than that loser Stroger (at least Daley gets a few useful things done in with all the graft), I can understand why Obama wouldn't want to endorse a Republian. But he didn't have to say anything: he could have made no endorsment. Indeed didn't endorse Stroger during the primary like I said he did, he remained neutral and didn't endorse his "friend" Forest Claypool. Hand he put his weight behind Claypool, I have no doubt that he would have won. So during the general election, instead of remaining neutral as he had in the primary, he called Stroger "a good progressive" who would "lead Cook County into a new era of good government." Yeah, that happened

Oh and did I mention he did endorse Blagoyovich for re-election? And all the various corrupt alderman he endorsed (see Alexi Giannoulias, in bed with the mob; Dorothy Tillman, funneling contracts for the Harold Washington Cultural Center to her family; and of course the granddaddy of them all, Mr. Richard M. Daley!

Don't kid yourself Seth and all 5 of you reading these comments: McCain has made alot of bullshit ads these past few weeks, but this is not one of them.

It sounds like the the Illinois State Senate is pretty much like every other state legislature in this country. If you think a state politician can rail against the status quo and hope to actually accomplish anything for his or her constituency, you're dead wrong. I see it every day here in NY, and while our system is arguably the most corrupt in the nation, the "rules" are the same wherever you go.

The ad specifically says "With friends like that". It does not say "Obama failed to take reasonable measures, or to go above and beyond in his attempts to grind the massive corrupt political machine of Chicago to a halt".

Those two statements are not interchangeable.

P.S. the quote regarding Tony Rezko, from the Chicago-Sun Times reads "Obama and his Rezko ties...". There has to be a better quote they could've used. That is just bad mudslinging.