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Next up on Pron Monday…

judge-koz.jpgSo you’ve heard about the well respected federal appeals judge (one step below our mighty Supremes) who was presiding over a porn trial and, lo, he turns out to be a porny judge himself, right? It was all the legal news last week. Well porny McJudgy has now declared a mistrial of that porn case he was presiding over. But that’s not really a surprise (even though I’m not sure that merely because he likes porn suggests he can’t be impartial in presiding over a porn trial).

What’s more interesting is this — the lawyer who started this whole business, by finding Judge Kozinski’s porny pictures and tipping off the LA Times, has a weeeee bit of a grudge against the porny Koz, having brought disciplinary charges against him after the Koz wrote an article dissing him for an article he wrote dissing the Koz because the Koz had recused himself from the lawyer’s divorce case. Got it? Overlawyered explains it a little more, with a hunk-a quote from Kozinski’s 2005 article, which slams the lawyer, Cyrun Sanai, for having previously been held in contempt and sanctioned, and for bringing a frivolous lawsuit.

Good times all around.

(And man alive, with all the references to “porn,” this post could get the highest Goggle ranking in our several years of blogging. Porny porn.)