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Never Gonna Give You Up

God bless you, Law.com. The site just posted an article about the fact that Shae Stadium, in NY, is named after a lawyer, William A. Shea. Shae Stadium is, of course, where the NL East champion choking NY Mets have played since 1964. This is their last season in the stadium, and yesterday was the home opener.

Anyway, I say “god bless Law.com” because, thanks to its story, there is an albeit-thin legal connection for what I really want to talk about. Which is that, firstly, the Mets lost their last Shae home opener to the Phighting Phils. Hot diggity!

But better yet, yesterday’s game provided more evidence that the internets are awesome. Because, yes sir, the Diggers and Farkers pulled it off — the Mets got Rick Roll’d!

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Jesus Mary and Joseph! Try and have a little respect for us old fucks! Shea Stadium and the Mets are iconic to us working class New York born Irish Americans of my age! Doesn't anybody remember 1969! Ya know, "The Amazing Mets"! Keerist!

One of my fav online comics on Rick Rolling: