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Nerrrrrrrrddssss…..Ahhhh! It burns! It burns!

arson_2.jpgNeed those pesky weeds gotten rid of? Still have those sacks of mulch lying around but don’t want to pay someone to come pick em up? Simple. Just go into a chat room and call someone a nerd. You should have someone at your backdoor within a week with a can of kerosene, a shotgun, and a camera phone to capture the moment.

At least, that’s what happened to John Anderson, a 59-year-old Elm Mott resident. After getting into a chat room sparring match with Russell Tavares, a 25 year old Naval officer who I like to call “Sparky.” Tavares took a leave of absence from duty, drove 1,300 miles to Anderson’s home and used a homemade accelerant to set fire to a propane tank on Anderson’s property … all because Anderson altered a photo of Tavares to depict Tavares under a Revenge of the Nerds banner.

Whatever happened to challenging the jocks and preps to a pie eating contest? Or maybe a javelin throwing competition with a javelin designed specifically to respond to the limp-wristed movement of your token black frat brother? Ah, the good old days.

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And here I was, thinking that would actually be a compliment. Silly me.

I'm just dying to know what bullshit lie this mook gave when applying for his leave of absence. He's been arrested and charged with something, yes?

Meh. I watched the whole 18 month long feud. No excuse for what that kid did at all, but that bonehead Anderson did A LOT more than call him a nerd. A lot more. They both should be in prison.

Oh yeah, and if you want a good postscript, that guy Anderson, as soon as he learned of the sentencing, has gone *right back* to being a jerk and provoking people he doesn't even know. So the fool has learned *nothing* from the incident. It looks to me like he's hoping to drow another nut case out of the woodwork.

I watched this whole drama unfold as well for nearly two years and let me just say that there are alot of things that the media aren't reporting. It was much more than a simple matter of a chatroom tiff; it got downright ugly and it was only a matter of time before some unstable whackjob delivered to Mr. Anderson his inevitable comeuppance. He asked for it, literally. Posted his full name, home address and phone number, daring his adversaries to try and come kick his a**.
His "digital photo retouches" he so proudly mentions were in some cases bordering on the obscene and illegal..in one instance he placed the face of a 16 year old girl on the body of a partially nude model; this is one of the things that brought him to the attention of other bloggers on the site. Then he proceeded to proclaim himself "king" of the entire blogging community there, and viciously derided anyone that dared to contradict him.
It was all snarky fun and amusement for awhile, trading barbs back and forth with the obviously delusional Mr. Anderson but then it started getting personal. Mr. Anderson begun making accusations of other members being child molesters and rapists, and even using his photo retouching skills to create numerous slanderous and hurtful images with said member's personal photos, even family photos, including their children's.
It even went so far as for Mr. Anderson to dig up personal information on other users, and make phone calls to their families and employers in an attempt to smear them with his false accusations even further.
This man Mr. Anderson, was and still is a cruel and arrogant jerk and while I do not condone what Mr. Tavares ultimately did, I can clearly see how it caused Tavares to snap and make the unfortunate decision to ruin his life over an ignorant, mean man not worth spitting on. I feel sorry for Mr. Tavares, he was a personable and likable guy, but apparently there was a screw loose and he'd just took all he could stand and acted on an irrational impulse and it's very sad for all involved. I hope he is getting the help he needs while he is incarcerated.
And as for Mr. Anderson, he feels vindicated and justified since the conviction and will go on being the pompous and mean-spirited blowhard he has always been, gloating over other's people's weaknesses and torturing those who don't agree with him. He's doing it now; and even has yet another scandalous and cruel altered photo of Tavares on his blog.

We don't get things like this in Springfield.

Anyway, as Squeaky alluded to, there is a lot more to this story. Anderson did in fact post his full name, number, and address, and he did dare his "haters" (as he called anyone who disagreed with him) to come to his house for a fight.

It was far, far more than Anderson calling Tavares a "wimp".

What Tavares did was wrong. I doubt you'll find anyone who says differently. Most observers of this whole feud feel that it was wrong, but at the same time, saw it coming, and understood why it happened.

The story continues. Anderson insists that this was a big, giant conspiracy. A conspiracy to take down the self-appointed "king" of the website. There are many who find Anderson irritating, annoying, or bothersome, and he sees them all as potential co-conspirators. Apparently, the facts of the case present otherwise, but that's never stopped Anderson from making accusations.

Truly a sad, sad case.

"Mr. Anderson", and I use the title loosely here, has learned absolutely nothing from this entire episode. There are many tragedies in this case but the greatest of them all is that a soldier, who had an incredible life ahead of him, has been reduced to living inside the walls of a penetentury for the next 7 years. Russell Tavares snapped after having been harassed by a 59 year old internet bully who is still on the loose, STILL bullying others. I only wish I had been around to help the authorities in some way to take this self-righteous Anderson off the internet. As has been stated by other posters, I don't condone what Russell did. But I DO understand, totally understand, how it happened. There are multiple "victims" in this whole ordeal. The true tradgedy is that the harrassment will continue and it won't be long before we find someone else snapping.

You're correct in all means, Troutman. I saw it unfold myself - I can't say that you're lying there.

It's a shame what happened. John Anderson will always be a cruel and provoking son of a bitch as long as his worthless life drags on for. Death threats, intention to kill, but he can complain when someone does it right back to him. He's just a hypocrite and everyone saw that had it coming to him, soon, one way or another, although what did happen was NOT right by all means!

As someone stated, "Russ has always been the voice of reason many times." That IS true, but he did prove that maybe he's not so smart after all. Being suckered in to John Andersons shameful tactics has proven to be a DIFFICULT thing to avoid - I thought he'd have more brians than doing what he did though.

Well, good luck where you are Russ, you have my best wishes as you already know!

I was supposed to write my note in referal to what squeeky wrote, not Troutman.. sorry about that.

I've been a spectator in this on both Yafro and Orfay. I can see where the harassment does continue. But by Many Faces and Mr.Troutman above against Mr. Anderson. If the two pshcho babble talking drones above are the norm, then we as a society are in deep doodoo. It's very clear to see that the Russell Tavares supporters need mental help along with Russell Tavares. They all belong in a mental institution if they fail to see the fact that it is wrong to stalk someone, in real time or the internet. It is wrong to post another's personal information on the information highway. Many Faces and Mr.Troutman have no moral fiber. But yet they call themselves human beings? They are proof that the mentally insane walk amoung us.

I saw the entire saga as well and ManyFaces and her many deviant friends were the real causes. They excel at one thing only, being trolls. Which for no life, low lifes is a dangerous thing. It becomes their reality. They are the ones who went around the site harassing people using multiple accounts and never had any interest in any kind of normal interaction with others who used the site. There is a whole group who all swarm around their queen bee who in reality is an ugly old bleached blonde nobody, with a big mouth and no intelligence or substance to back up anything she says. She earned her position by posting semi-nude pictures of herself. That should tell you something about her need for approval and attention. But if you cross her you are suddenly a pedophile, welfare collector, or any other negative tag she wants to throw at you, and then you are swarmed by the worker bees.
Now they sit and say how sad it is this all happened to poor poor Russ. Well, if they had minded their own business instead of sticking their noses into everyone elses trying to see if they could find a new victim who would retaliate and give new life to their game; which once again was their whole lives probably none of it would have happened. And now that in the end Russ has been sentenced and the queen bee seems quite confident that she will not somehow be implicated in this in anyway. She has returned from months of self imposed exile only to orchestrate new flame wars over this entire incident.
The fact of the matter is mental instability runs rampant among Russ' crowd there, and it really could have been any of them who would actually do such a thing to another person over their egotistical and self righteous need to see themselves as the winner.
Johm may have in some cases provoked them as well and given out invites to settle things in person. But he is not the one who took things to the point that laws were broken and lifes could have been lost over stupid internet arguements. They are the ones who encouraged that and don't accept responsibilty for it. It's disgusting to see that they find humor in it all. Anon is right... the mentally ill walk among us, but for the most part these cretons just sit at their computers and scan peoples pages looking for something to harass them about.


ONE WHO KNOWS, your arguement is absurd. You must be a worker bee. It doesn't matter what John said. Can't you fathom just how SICK an individual Russ must be to actually go out and do what he did??? I sincerely doubt he is the only one capable of it either, or that the others weren't aware he was going to do it. I am more inclined to beleive Russ just bit the bullet for the whole thing since he was the one who commited the actual crime. You can defend that sleeze bag in Spain and all the other degenerates all you want. NOBODY claimed more innocent people were pedophiles than THEM. Russ IS the guilty one, and THEY are the biggest and most gutless troublemakers on the site. Why don't any of them tell the whole truth? I'll tell you why; THEY are low life internet scum and so are you if you can't see the truth and fact of the whole matter.
NOTHING anyone says to you, about you or about anything on the internet makes it sane to do what he did.

The "ONE WHO KNOWS", is the loud mouth, type in all caps, ignorant, clueless Maria from Orfay. Good thing the trash all stays together so they are all easy to find and they stick out like the horse mouth Susan/Ambersleeze. Makes it easy for people to figure out who to avoid like the plague. Birds of a feather, You feel me?

Speaker Of The Truth, YES!!! You have that right!
Sorry I credited what you said about the mentally insane walking amongst us to Anon... I wasn't paying attention to the fact the poster is below the line on this blog.

Okay, this is where fights on the Internet start. When one calls another a name on a blog where that person, and that persons friends can see the name calling. And then people who agree with the name calling butt in saying they agree with that name you just called this other person. Like Maria up there, and the comments made against her for example.

Before anyone tries to kick my butt over it, I'm stating that I'm on no ones side on this post. I'm just trying to be reasonable and state the blind obvious because people need to realize that they're causing more fucking issues than they know about, and it always ends up effecting others in some way or another, if not dragging them in to the shit also. It's called lack of responsibility and even will power over actions.

You could understand, maybe if it was a fight between some children, because they don't know any better, or at least until they learn the hard way. It's all a fucking joke, and really, it shouldn't be concerning adults.

John is the worst out the lot of you. He's almost hit retirement age and he acts like he's a teenager, still. He should know better than any of you, but really he's more delusional than all of you related to the incident put together. I've watched the old fool for 3 years, that's long enough to confirm my opinions on him. AmberSuz or Amber3D what ever her name may be, I don't really care to be honest, but she always seemed to be happy when people teamed up with her in the battle for last word in. Many Faces, you're just trolling about the site in order to remove time from your daily grind, you're just a bored person, get a life and you won't have that problem no more - S1Genocide reminds of Many Faces, maybe you have the boredom issue, too. DaveInGeorgia, you're easy to understand and I respect your opinions, you're right on aspects, but you're also wrong for being involved in the first place. YafroQueens, if it wasn't for you, the Probabilities of Russell setting fire to Johns trailer would of been reduced to a minimum, because don't forget you're the reason the situation worsened - although you're not the reason to what happened.

The list of people involved is infinite, but because of some tiny little tiff that happened years ago between two people made it in to a war - Russell is the one who's paying for it, now, in jail. He is responsible for his actions, and that is why he is paying the cost, but if you irresponsible adults didn't drag ADD people in to situations where they're going to be provoked, then he wouldn't be in a cage right now. Every last one of you involved, wether you was in the right or wrong should be ashamed.

Where friends are concerned, loyalty matters. Don't let them get involved in your troubles that might lead to getting them in to trouble, too. It's just not fair.

I don't know anyone who has commented about the crime that Tavares committed, but I cannot believe some of the insanity that I am hearing. Some of you are actually justifying Tavares' actions. Get this through your insane brains, it is against the law! What he did was not right, was not justifiable and he deserves more than 7 years for doing that or at least some type of menatl help for many years after he is released from jail. Anderson manipulated some photos, maybe called people out of their names -- so fucking what? does he deserve to have someone almost kill him and a friend in his trailer because of some morphed pics and namecalling. I don't think so. Some of you need to seek psychiatric help now! And i am not involved or even know of the ridiculous online group that has obviously taken over this blog's comment portion. I just was reading articles about internet stalkers and came across this. You all need to get a life and get off the internet and your computers for awhile.