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The Daily Memo - 7/25/07

check.jpgIf you try to break up with your boyfriend by setting him on fire, you might just find yourself in the clink. (KSDK)

check.jpgShocking! Minneapolis police might be issuing tickets and cracking down on driving violations because the city needs more money. (WCCO)

check.jpgFatty-fatty Charlie Weis lost his medical malpractice suit against the doctors who performed his gastric bypass. (SI)

check.jpgAn engaged Cincinnati homeless couple has been arrested for having sex on a busy street’s median during rush hour. (WCSH)

check.jpgTwo folks in Virginia, who have since been charged with public drunkenness, tried to escape from the cops on horseback. (ABC News)

check.jpgThe Patent and Trademark Office has been sued by some lawyers who don’t think the new Deputy Director has the proper qualifications. (The Trademark Blog)

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so you are saying that Jessica Bressie is single now? Sweet.