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My Kind of Drunk!

absolut-vodka-in_love.jpgAll this German man wanted to do was fly home for the holidays with enough spirits to get him through another goddamn Christmas with his family. But when the 64-year-old fella had to switch planes, he became apprised of new airport rules which prohibit passengers from carrying on large bottle of liquor without paying a fee.

Sure, he could’ve paid the fee. Or he could’ve tossed the bottle. But my man took the frat boy route, choosing to drink an entire bottle — two pints — of vodka before getting on the plane. And soon enough, he was neither able to stand nor function.

And that, folks, is the only way to fly.

(Actually, he didn’t fly — he was taken to the hospital by paramedics where he nearly died of alcohol poisoning, which won’t be a great story to tell his grandchildren for at least six months.)

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I would question how it was even possible to drink two pints of vodka in one sitting, but then again, he is German.