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Monkeys Aren’t the Only Ones That Can Fling Crap

album_The-Shits-Super-Shit-666.jpgWhat’s the easiest way to get yourself a mistrial? Smear shit on your attorney and then fling it at the jury.

Yeah. Literally.

A San Diego judge has declared a mistrial in a kidnapping and assault case after the defendant smeared excrement on his lawyer’s face and threw it at jurors. The judge boosted defendant Weusi McGowan’s bail from $250,000 to $1 million after the Monday incident.
Prosecutor Christopher Lawson says McGowan was upset because the judge refused to remove public defender Jeffrey Martin from the case.
McGowan had smuggled a bag of feces into court and spread it on Martin’s hair and face before flinging the excrement at jurors. No jurors were hit.

What a shitstorm. I bet he got himself a new lawyer, too. And probably a couple of more charges against him. Small price, really.

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Ok - I'll be the first to say it, "Oh Shit!"