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Monday Morning Interrogation Theater

red-curtains.jpgWe open on a police precinct in Boulder, Colorado. Specifically, we open in a suspect interrogation room, where we find Officer Kevin Granberg and two 17-year-old boys. We shall call them Acne and Backne.

Officer Granberg: Do you boys know why you’re here?

Backne: Cause you gave me a friggin speeding ticket last month, man.

Officer Granberg: Well, in a roundabout way, that’s why you’re here. But you know we don’t generally brings folks downtown just for speeding.

Backne: Whatever.

Acne: Hey, I wasn’t even the car with Backne last month, so I dunno why I’m here at all.

Backne: Sut up, man. Don’t say nothin.

Officer Granberg: You boys are both here because you thought it was a good idea to get back at me for the speeding ticket by torching my truck.

Acne: Heh, that’s funny.

Backne: Fuck you pig.

Officer Granberg: You little fuckers made me and my fellow officers chase you. Fucked with us. Landed two of us in the hospital for minor injuries.

Backne: Pussy pigs.

Acne: Heh.

Officer Granberg: We’ll see how funny you think things are when I turn off this little camera for a moment.

Darkness for about 5 minutes.

Lights are back up, signaling that the camera is back on.

Acne: My ass hurts.

Backne: My mouth hurts.

Officer Granberg: Who’s laughing now, cockbreath?