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Modern-day Calvin sorely misses his Hobbes

calvin-and-hobbes.jpgWhen I think “four-year-old boy,” I almost always picture Calvin. Cute little, pugnacious kid with messy blond hair, dragging around his stuffed tiger and tossing aside philosophical quips when he’s not too busy turning cardboard boxes into high-technology.

I don’t picture a kid who goes to a bedroom, takes down a shotgun, and shoots his 18-year-old babysitter in an act of angry vengeance because the babysitter had the audacity to step on the kid’s foot.


(Hat tip to Nicole.)

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WTF! My kids have been pissed at me, but never that bad!

OK, maybe the youngest thought about it, but she wants to wait til I finish paying for law school.

The best part of this story was the sheriff saying "you can't charge a four-year-old with nothin'", but that they were still considering whether to press charges against the parents...or the babysitter(?!?).

Yay! My first hat tip! But seriously, I'm reluctantly somewhat impressed if a four year old could cock and shoot a 12 gauge.

I'm surprised they haven't already pressed charges against the parents. Who leaves arms where a kid can get them? Especially either a loaded firearm, or one the kid presumably knows how to load.

how the hell did a four year old pick up a shotgun? is the kid on steroids? Yikes.

in regards to kat's question- people that should be sterilized, that's who.

ps- calvin was 6 :)