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“I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts.” “Well I’ve got about 300,000 thoughts.” “Not a problem.”

pennies.jpgThe weird thing about this story from Indiana is that Craig Stueber had been collecting pennies for 30 years, accumulating about 300,000 of the little Lincolns.

The weirder thing is that some dude stole them pennies.

Stueber reported that he found the pennies missing when he returned to his home in the northern Indiana town at about 4:30 p.m. Monday. According to the report, Stueber doesn’t normally check the jar but saw the lid was sitting on his entertainment center.
Nothing else was missing from the house.
The jar was not clear, so no one would know it held thousands of pennies without looking inside or if someone had told them about. Stueber said no one other than family members knew about the jug.

No word on how the apparently massive jar was removed, which is truly an enigma since 300,000 pennies weigh almost a ton.