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Missouri to Rules of Grammar: “Fuck off.”

lol-grammer.jpgMissouri’s Department of Revenue recently ran an online contest, allowing voters to select a new slogan for the state’s license plates. The winner? “Show Me State.” Plates with a pretty little bluebird and the new slogan are due to drop in June, but the grammar Nazis are already pissing and moaning:

Missouri Southern State University English professor Dale Simpson told the Joplin Globe that the rules of grammar require the hyphen [between “show” and “me”].

But a spokesman for the Department of Revenue says that the slogan appeared, sans hyphen, online when voters picked. And since that’s what they picked, that’s what they’re getting. And that hyphen can just make like a comma and get bent!

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Did you really say "make like a comma and get bent"?

My goal is to say "make like a comma and get bent" to someone within the next week.

For the life of me I can't decide whether this means I cross the state off my list for life or apply for a job there, as there's obviously some sort of a need...