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It’s like Doogie Howser meets Omar from “The Wire”

doogie.jpgFrom Australia comes this tale of a 12-year-old criminal:

He has reportedly been committing criminal offences for years. On occasions, when chased by NSW police, he has given them the slip, like a character from Oliver Twist, by clambering “onto the roofs of houses and disappearing”, police have said.
When he has been caught, he has escaped, not once but at least 10 times in just on 12 months.
The police said that when he is on the run, friends and associates in and around Glebe “willingly hide him from the authorities”.
Details of his extraordinary Dickensian-style existence are in two police fact sheets on file at the Bidura Children’s Court.
One of them, written last year, says: “The young person is an 11-year-old boy who … is extremely well known to police … Since the age of seven he has been issued with warnings regarding a number of criminal offences.