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Maryland hates the tan people

final-d-tanning.jpgThe Maryland General Assembly is getting close to passing a bill which would prohibit minors from hitting the tanning salon without the consent of their parents. Those in favor of the bill say its to protect the youth from skin cancer. Those opposed to the bill say “so what?” Senator James Brochin noted that you can also get skin cancer from “going outside without sun block.”

What this really boils down to is the fact that the kids won’t be able to get their bronze on during the ever important prom season. Having lived in Maryland for a small period of time, I can say this with a little authority — them some pasty folks down there. So whatever with the skin cancer. Let the kids pretty up for prom, damn it!

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Also, I have to think that the kids whose parents would give their consent are also probably the kids whose parents buy them push up bras when their six, because they don't want their kids to feel "awkward" by not having breasts, or constantly tell their kids how fat/skinny/unfortunately brunette they are, and how it could just be a little better if they ____(insert inappropriate cosmetic procedure here)_____.

Or maybe I'm just jaded from living in L.A. and listening to schoolgirls in Brentwood berate one another for not fitting into Fred Segal's sizes.