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Luckily, all inter-office emails refer to me as “Greek God”

oops.png Who’s got two thumbs and a complete inability to effectively multitask? Aileen Siu, that’s who! I’ve never had the misfortune of sending that one interoffice email that can bring your world crashing down around you because of a horribly misplaced typo, risqué verbiage … or calling Evon Reid, the young, black applicant for a political analyst position, “that ghetto dude.” *Smacks palm onto forehead*.

The one thing that might save the McGuinty government from the inevitable shit storm of lawsuits is the fact that Siu was not an employee of the office, but a public service worker. Whatever that means. Reid even received a personal message from Giles Gershon, deputy minister of communications, asking if he could apologize in person.

The only time I got an apology in person was when I got a Filet O’ Fish combo instead of the McFried Something combo.

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An employee of the Premier's office is a party hack paid out of the office budget.

A public service worker in the Premier's office is a party hack paid out of the general budget.

It makes all the difference in the world.