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Look man, when you’re hungry, you’re hungry

pastrami.jpgFucking cops, man. In Roxbury Township, New Jersey, local cops pulled over a pickup truck they claim was erratically changing lanes. Ok, fair enough. They then talked to James Garfield and Robin Harrington to find out what was up. Apparently, Garfield and Harrington explained that they were just on their way to New York to get some peanut butter and pastrami (I hope not combined in a single sandwich, because that’s an assault on good pastrami).

And for this, they were arrested!

Now, to be fair, they also told the cops they were making their road trip to New York, for some grub, from New Mexico.

Oh, and there was also the three pounds of pot. That might’ve had something to do with it too.

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There is a place in NYC that does a peanut-butter-and-pastrami sandwich. You can also get the "Elvis Special"- peanut butter and bacon, fried. I think it might have mayo on it, too...

I keep trying to tell people, but no one believes me! Peanut butter + any type of meat sandwich = creamed jeans. Seriously! I just think of it like peanut sauce for my burger, or whatever.

New Mexico so rocks!

I smell a sequel to Harold and Kumar!